Please note, this is a sample menu, our menus change regularly


Eggs Benny (two free range poached eggs on Sourdough toast with hollandaise)
-Smoked salmon and chive £9
-Pulled pork and fresh chillis £8.75~-Grilled asparagus and Parmesan £8 (v)
Smoked salmon. Poached eggs. Labneh. Herb oil. Pickled raddish. Sourdough £9.25
Flatbread with Za’atar roasted aubergine. Free range poached eggs. Labneh. Chilli sauce. Rocket. Pomegranate. Toasted seeds £8.75 (v)
Halloumi. Poached eggs. Avocado smash. Rocket. Herb oil £9.50 (v)
Sweetcorn frittata. Avocado. Chilli sauce. Sour cream. Pickled pink onions £9 (v+gf)
Avocado smash. Edamame beans. Pickled raddish. Sourdough toast. Toasted seeds. £8.50 (vg) + whipped feta for £1
Chia smoothie bowl. Granola. Fresh fruits. £8 (vg+gf)

LUNCH (12-3)

Whipped feta. Roasted and pickled beetroot. Toasted hazelnuts. Corriander and mint chutney £6.75 (gf+v)
Pulled pork Tacos. Sour cream. Mango salsa £6.50
Buffalo mozzarella. Cherry tomatoes. Sun blushed tomatoes. Anchovies £7.25 (gf)
Thai salad. Toasted cashews. Chilli, lime and sesame dressing £6.25 (gf+vg)
Main courses
Shredded chicken. Roasted kale. Goats cheese. Figs. Blood orange. Black rice. Mint. Pistachio. Pomegranate £12.75 (gf)
Sweetcorn Frittata. Avocado. Chilli sauce. Sour cream. Pink onions £10 (gf)
Cauliflower, sweet potato and tamarind dahl. Yoghurt. Pickled cucumber. Almonds. Flatbread £12.50 (v)
Black sesame crusted tuna Steak. Thai salad. Mango salsa £14
Spring pesto penne. Edamame. Asparagus. Tender stem broccoli. Lemon dressed rocket £12 (vg)
Salad of the day £8 (v)
Quiche of the day £7 (v)

Pistachio and orange tart, whipped vanilla mascarpone. Candied orange £7 (v)
Vanilla panna cotta, poached rhubarb, ginger snap £7 (v)
Dark chocolate souffle cake, honeycomb, pouring cream £7 gf (v+gf)
Pineapple tart tatin , Passion fruit sorbet, toasted coconut flakes £7 (vg)
Affogato- Vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso £4 (gf)

DINNER (5-8:30)

Small plates (designed to be shared amongst the table)

Whipped feta. Beetroot. Toasted hazelnuts, coriander chutney £6.75 gf
Sweetcorn frittata. Avocado. Pickled pink onions. Sour cream £6.25 gf
Labneh. Charred tender stem. Edamame. Burnt lemon. Toasted seeds £7.75
Black rice. Blood orange. Pistachio. Goats cheese. Mint £8 gf
Tuna Ceviche. Black seaseme. Avocado puree £8 gf
Smoked salmon. Blini. Pickled cucumber. Raddish. Red onion. Labneh £7.50
Buffalo mozarella. Cherry tomatoes, anchovies £7.25 gf
Bombay Fish cakes. Slaw. Corriander chutney £8
Pulled pork tacos. Sour cream. Mango salsa £6.50
Proscuitto. Pickled peach. Ricotta. Gremolata. Pine nuts. Fennel tops £8 gf
Chicken liver parfait. Rhubarb compote. Rhubarb jelly.  Sourdough toast £7
Creamy mushroom and chicken gnocchi. Parmesan. Truffle oil £8
Wild mushroom arancini . Pesto £7
Thai salad. Peanuts. Corriander. Seaseme oil £6.50 (gf)
Spiced aubergene tacos. Chilli sauce. Pickled pink onions. £6.25 (gf)
Firecracker cauilflower. Cauliflower puree. Pickled cauliflower. Torched hazelnuts £6.75 (gf)
Mixed leaf salad with seeds £3.50 vg+gf
Bread and Flatbread Basket with butter, balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Pistachio and orange tart, whipped vanilla mascarpone. Candid orange £7 (v)
Vanilla set cream. Poached rhubarb. Ginger snap £7 (v)
Dark chocolate feather cake. Praline. Whipped creme fraiche £7 gf (v+gf)
Caramelised pineapple tart. Coconut cream. Passion fruit sorbet, toasted coconut flakes £7 (vg)
Affogato- Vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso £4 (gf)
Frangelico Affogato- Vanilla ice cream, Espresso. Hazelnut liquor £6.50 (gf)