[served between 9:30 and 11:30AM]

Guacamole on toast herb oil and seeds (vg) £6
French toast. Banana. Hazelnuts. Salted caramel. Creme fraiche. £8
Griddled halloumi. Free range poached eggs. Guacamole.
Cherry tomatoes. Rocket. (v) £8.75
Smoked salmon. Free range poached eggs. Labneh. Herb oil. Seeds. Shoots £9
Roasted mushrooms. Griddled artichoke. Caramelised shallots. Pesto.
Walnuts. Buckwheat toast (gf, vg) £7 (add goats cheese cream for £1)
Flatbread. Free range poached eggs. Labneh. Red peppers. Chilli sauce.
Pickled shallots. Coriander £8 (v)

[served between 12 and 3:30PM]

Smoked salmon. Blini. Horseradish cream cheese. Pickled cucumber. £7
Buffalo mozzarella. Tomatoes 3 ways. Basil oil (v, gf) £7
Spiced pulled lamb. Chilli sauce. Labneh. Coriander. Pomegranate (gf) £7.50
Fennel. Orange. Mint. Pomegranate. Roasted almonds (vg, gf) £7

Smoked haddock fishcake. Celeriac remoulade. Watercress sauce. Poached egg £13
Creamy mushroom gnocchi. Parmesan and pine nut crumb. Shoots. Herb oil. (v) £11
Cauliflower steak. Caramelised shallots. Salsa verde. Hazelnuts. Puy lentils. (vg, gf) £12.50
Free range lemon & herb chicken breast. Crispy skin. Courgette ribbons.
Whipped goats cheese. Confit peppers. (gf) £13.50

Judges bread (vg) £3
House salad (vg, gf) £3
Seasonal greens. Lemon. Parmesan (v, gf) £4
Crushed and roasted salt and vinegar potatoes (vg, gf) £4

Lemon posset. Strawberries. Shortbread £6
Chocolate brownie. Salted caramel. Creme fraiche. Hazelnuts (gf) £7
Blueberry and cashew ‘cheesecake’ (vg, gf, refined sugar free) £8
Pecan and raspberry tart. Whipped cream. Fresh raspberries (v) £7